Who Nose?

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Who Nose? is the hilarious party game to guess your face

Ask Yes/No questions to try and figure out which face card you're wearing, while avoiding the honker by only getting yesses... First player to score 3 cards wins!

On your turn, to help you figure out whose face you're wearing, ask a question that the other players can answer with only a yes or no. For example: “Am I a man?” or “Am I wearing lipstick?” You can also use the paddles to eliminate faces by asking “Am I on the yellow paddle?”. If the answer to your question is “yes” then you get to ask another question, but if it is a “no” then your opponents honk the Honker and your turn is over.

When you think you know which face you're wearing, use your turn to take a guess... If you’re wrong, you get honked and your turn is over. If you’re right, take off that Face Card and place it face-down in front of you. Then put on a new Face Card from the pile. The first player to score 3 cards wins!

Game type: Family
Players: 2-8
Ages: 6+

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